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Rapala Rattlin' Rapala - Lipless Crankbait

Fish Soup

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Fish Soup Unbiased Tackle Review - Rapala Rattlin' Rapala 07 __________________________________ To Buy: http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/all-other-lures/rattlin-rapalaandreg/Rattlin+Rapala.html?q=rattlin&start=2&id=1 __________________________________ Category - Lipless Crankbaits Profile - Shad Body - Plastic Action - Vibrating, Wobbling Action Sinking Internal Rattles The Rapala Rattlin' Rapala RNR07 features the deep-belly profile of a shad bait in a thick, durable plastic body. It combines a vibrating, wobbling action with numerous internal rattles to alert fish at a distance. The sound and vibration generated is slightly more subdued than most rattlebaits, creating a subtler version of this popular lure style without sacrificing classic rattlebait performance characteristics. PRIMARY SPECIES The Rapala Rattlin' Rapala RNR07 is a dual-purpose casting/vertical jigging lure that works well in many applications. Like most sinking rattlebaits, the "Rattlin' Rap" is primarily used for bass casting applications. It is a heavy lure that can be cast long distances, then retrieved quickly near the surface or above cover, holding your rod tip high, to rapidly cover water and trigger strikes. Because it is a sinking lure, pumps and pauses imparted to the lure cause it to alternately flutter and rise. It also is an outstanding vertical jigging lure for fishing in deep water, near bottom or for suspended fish. Bass, Stripers, Wipers Casting 10-20 lb. mono/14-30 lb. braid M to H Spinning or Casting 10-20 lb. mono or 14-30 lb. superline balances well with Medium to Heavy Action Spinning or Casting Gear. SECONDARY SPECIES In the northern states, anglers cast the Rapala Rattlin' Rap for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as other species like northern pike, white bass and walleyes. It also makes a great vertical jigging lure for deep-water walleyes and smallmouths, even through the ice. Northern Pike, White Bass Casting 10-17 lb. mono/14-30 lb. braid M to H Spinning or Casting Walleye, Smallmouths Vertical Jigging 10-12 lb. mono/14-20 lb. braid M Spinning to Casting RETRIEVE/VERTICAL JIGGING OPTIONS A variety of retrieve or vertical jigging options work well with this versatile lure. A Steady Retrieve results in a Moderately Loud, Vibrating Swim near the surface "Pump-and-Pause Retrieves allow the lure to flutter into pockets or alongside cover. Vertical Jigging excels for deep-water or suspended predators. The Rapala Rattlin' Rapala RNR07 is 2 3/4 inches in length, weighs 1/2 oz., and has two #4 treble hooks. It comes in a variety of reflective, baitfish, forage and holographic patterns. Length - 2 3/4 in. Weight - 1/2 oz. Hooks - 2 #4 VMC Black Nickel Trebles Depth - Variable Colors/Patterns - A variety of reflective baitfish and natural forage patterns. MUSIC Dave Plagman - Phoenix, AZ email fishsoupnetwork@gmail.com for info or to contact Dave. Dave is a member of the band 9Giants (9giants.com) and plays on numerous recordings from the Phoenix and Los Angeles area.

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