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tour "Taidon Hariuzovy" is a holiday and fishing in the Siberian taiga on the river Taidon, (mountain river, right tributary of the Tom River, Krapivinsky district, Kemerovo region). The water in the river is suitable for drinking. Within the framework of the tour sport fishing on grayling (fish of the salmon family) is provided. Training is provided for catching grayling.

Within the framework of these tours, fishermen with a guide pass a mountain river section, from the mouth to the buffer zone of the Kuznetsk Alatau Reserve, on a high-speed water boat. Also, a VIP tour is offered to the buffer zone of the reserve, when making appropriate permits. Passage of these sites is extreme, causing a storm of emotions and an excess of adrenaline. All this is accompanied by stunning views of wild taiga, clean air and crystal river water.

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Бриз 520

Boat horsepower capacity:140 hp
Person capacity:5 persons
Strictly Catch and Release
91 4 360
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