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SL520/530/631 PLUS Chartplotter Displays

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How to Contact Raymarine (US)

For Marine Product and Services Information

Visit the Raymarine World Wide Web site for the latest information on the
newest Raymarine electronic equipment and systems at:


For Accessories and Parts

Many Raymarine accessory items and parts can be obtained directly from
your authorized Raymarine dealer. However, if you are in need of an item not
available from the retailer, please contact Raymarine Technical Services at:

1-800-539-5539 extension 2333 or (603) -881-5200.

Technical Service is available Monday through Friday 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time.

Please have the Raymarine item or part number ready when calling if placing
an order. If you are not sure which item is appropriate for your unit, you should
first contact the Technical Support Department at:

1-800-539-5539 ext. 2444 or

(603)-881-5200 to verify your requirements.

For Product Repair and Service

In the unlikely event your Raymarine unit should develop a problem, please
contact your authorized Raymarine dealer for assistance. The dealer is best
equipped to handle your service requirements and can offer timesaving help in
getting the equipment back into normal operation.

In the event that repairs can not be obtained conveniently, product service may
also be obtained by returning the unit to:

Raymarine Product Repair Center
22 Cotton Road, Unit D
Nashua, NH 03063-4219

The Product Repair Center is open Monday through Friday 8:15 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Savings Time. All
products returned to the Repair Center are registered upon receipt. A
confirmation letter will be sent to you acknowledging the repair status and the
product’s reference number. Should you wish to inquire about the repair status
of your unit, contact the Product Repair Center at:


Please have the product reference number, or unit serial number, ready when
you call. We will do everything possible to make the repair and return your
unit as quickly as possible.

480 4 175
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